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We help gay men find hundreds of bars, parties, events and activities to attend in over 100 cities around the world. When you sign up with LNC, you also gain access to a social community that caters exclusively towards gay men.

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  • Find gay circuit and dance events faster than a google search
  • Meet and network with other gay men looking who are looking to do something fun
  • Buy and/or Sell tickets to events and activities
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Looking for some fun…

You want to find a party but you don’t know where to look or know what’s available. You type in a general broad search for parties and you are giving countless links and sites to find parties and events.

You are put in charge of find parties to go to and you have no idea of where to go or what to look for. You type and scroll endlessly trying to find something to do and you make a selection; only to find out the next that there was another party that you could’ve gone to but you didn’t find out about until it was too late.

Come to our site and find the gay bars and events. Check out our listings of gay bars, parties and activities based on city and category.

Partygoers’ benefits

Search for gay bars and events without having know exactly what day and time an event is happening from one site

Connect and meet other gay men who looking for events and activities or simply looking to make new friends.

Join other like-minded gay men in groups as well as ask questions or provide answers in our forums and share your expertise/knowledge

Got a gay event? Let us help…

Let the party begin…

You have a party that you want to promote but you don’t know how to reach a gay audience without having to promote the general public. You create an event with third-party ticket management and then you’re responsible for promoting the event on social media platform and/or your own site in order to reach a niche gay audience.

You have to sell tickets or get a bunch of guys to your event and you don’t know how to reach your target audience. You create a flyer and/or got your social media platform setup and ready to promote. However, you need to inform your clients as well as try and get new clients to come to your event.

Come to our site where men are constantly are checking for events and activities. Create an account and promote your events and brand. Speaking of brand, you can create a public or private group and/or forums to speak to your clients and raise your brand awareness and voice.

Promoters’ benefits

Upload images and videos for your gay business, and/or events. Give updates on your business page and connect with your audience.

Use our ticket management or link your third-party tickets to your flyers. No tickets, no problem; you can promote your cash-based or free events too.

Start your own group and/or start a discussion. Grow your brand equity as well as your audience by engaging with your target market.

Additional Features


  • Listing of over a hundred Gay Bars/Nightclubs
  • Listing of over a thousand Gay Parties/Events
  • Listing of Gay Camps/Campgrounds from around the world
  • Listing of Gay Cruises/Excursions happening around the world
  • Listing of Gay Ski Trips happening around the world
  • Listing of Gay Theme Park Events happening around the world
  • Messaging incl. Private Messaging
  • Gay Public and Private Groups
  • Gay Forums and discussions
  • Exclusive Daily Gay Parties/Events Listing *coming soon*
  • Exclusive Weekly Gay Parties/Events Listings
  • Exclusive Monthly Gay Parties/Events Listings
  • Exclusive Event Guides
  • Exclusive Podcast Content
  • Exclusive Gay Articles and Reviews


  • Social Network exclusively catered to gay adult market
  • Ticket Management using our ticket system
  • Free business page as your main site or tie into your main business page
  • Promote third-party ticketing events
  • Add venues, promoters/organizations and other gay businesses
  • Create a public groups for inclusivity or private groups for exclusivity
  • Join other groups and promote your events for your guerrilla marketing strategy
  • Less restriction on posts, comments, images and videos*

*Any illegal content will be an automatic ban from this site

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