Website Maintenance/Rebranding Service

Is your website outdated? Are you a new gay/queer company and want to create your own digital brand? Do you struggle with technology and need assistance with your digital (online) presence? Let us help you enhance the user experience for your clients visiting your website…and if you don’t have one, let us create one for you.

We have experience creating websites using the drop-and-drag (Wix, Weebly) as well as open-source platforms(WordPress). We will figure a plan to build your website and/or remodel it to engage your audience. The plan will include page building, site layout, social media connection and more. We explain how to gain traction and enhance your ranking on Google and Bing.

Web Maintenance

In web maintenance, we focus on improving the user experience with layout, outdated links, photo galleries, videos and routine checkup. From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to plugin updates. let us monitor your site to make sure that it is always operating at top speed.

Web Rebranding

Need to help with telling your company’s story and vision. Let us help you tell that story visually from colors to have you would like to reach your audience through social media platforms. We can come up with a plan to enhance your digital media presence and make sure that audience is always receiving the latest update from your company.

Check out our contact page for a free 10-minute consultation.